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Ready to join one of the industry’s most trusted industrial inspection, testing, and analytical companies? Precision Inspection Services is a high-growth company built on the reputation of being best-in-class where our employees make the difference.

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PAUT Technician/Assistant
Geismar, Louisiana
RT Level II Technician/Assistant
Geismar, Louisiana

Advance Your Career at Precision

At Precision, you can expect to work in an environment that will advance you in your industrial career. We actively encourage our team members to take the necessary tests and certifications that will lead in ultimate career growth.

  • Precision’s fundamental principle of ‘Career Benefits: Nurturing Excellence’ embodies our steadfast dedication to fostering a culture of growth, development, and prosperity for every member of our team. Just as our unwavering commitment to safety and quality underpins our operations, so does our pledge to invest in the professional advancement and well-being of our workforce. We recognize that our employees are the driving force behind our success, and it is our duty to provide a supportive environment that enables them to thrive. Through comprehensive training, continuous learning opportunities, and a commitment to work-life balance, we empower our team members to realize their full potential. Our belief in nurturing excellence extends beyond individual growth – it forms the bedrock of our collective success. By prioritizing the growth and well-being of our workforce, we fortify our ability to deliver exceptional service while fostering a harmonious and motivated team that remains committed to achieving new heights of excellence.

  • In alignment with Precision’s core principle of ‘Career Progression: Elevating Potential,’ we wholeheartedly embrace the profound value of nurturing a work environment where each team member’s professional journey is met with unwavering support and deliberate opportunities for advancement. Just as our resolute commitment to safety and quality underscores every facet of our operations, we equally dedicate ourselves to fostering the upward mobility and fulfillment of our workforce. We acknowledge that our employees serve as the very catalyst of our achievements, and it is our solemn duty to cultivate an ecosystem that empowers their growth and development. By providing a spectrum of comprehensive learning experiences, continuous skill enhancement avenues, and a firm commitment to a harmonious work-life equilibrium, we instill within our team the tools to realize their fullest potential. Our devotion to fostering excellence transcends the individual and melds into the bedrock of our collective triumph. Through an unwavering focus on the evolution and well-being of our team, we solidify our capacity to provide unparalleled service, concurrently nurturing a unified and motivated workforce dedicated to soaring to unprecedented heights of accomplishment.

  • In the spirit of Precision’s core tenet ‘Quarterly Safety Incentives: Elevating Commitment,’ we uphold an unwavering dedication to promoting a culture of safety, diligence, and continuous improvement among every facet of our team. Just as our resolute commitment to fostering career growth and well-being underscores our operational ethos, so too does our promise to reward and incentivize safety consciousness and exemplary performance within our workforce. We understand that the well-being and commitment of our team members are integral to our triumphs, and it is our solemn duty to cultivate an environment where safety is paramount. Through ongoing safety training, empowerment of hazard recognition skills, and a fervent pledge to work-life equilibrium, we embolden our team to attain their utmost potential while ensuring their welfare. Our ethos of elevating commitment transcends the individual, becoming a cornerstone of our collective accomplishments. By championing the security and welfare of our workforce, we fortify our capacity to provide unparalleled service, while fostering a unified and motivated team steadfastly dedicated to attaining ever-new pinnacles of excellence.

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We're always on the lookout for good people. If you think you'd be a great addition to our team but don't quite fit into the roles listed, send us your CV and we will be in-touch.