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AWS Certified Welder Testing

PWTT conducts tests per section IX, API 1104, and AWS D1.1 standards. AWS Certifications are also available.

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It is our belief that every candidate who passes through our doors receives our complete, undivided attention and deserves nothing less than our best effort to meet and exceed their needs. You will leave our facilities with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin your career as a certified welder.

We take tremendous pride in knowing we are one of the few companies in South Louisiana to be accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS). At PWTT, you will be tested by some of Louisiana's finest AWS Qualified instructors. AWS offers a number of certification programs that recognize and document expertise and knowledge in specific welding-related disciplines including, inspectors, supervisors, educators, radiographic interpreters, welding engineers and fabricators. AWS is the source for qualification and certification of welding personnel. Precision is a proud AWS Educational Institute Member

Certifications for the following qualifications are offered:

  • Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ)

    A Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ) is a test certificate that shows whether a welder possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to perform the specifications of a particular weld procedure. Precision conducts destructive and non-destructive tests on a weld coupon provided by the welder to determine whether the welder is capable of producing a good weld quality using the welding processes, materials and prescribed procedures. Upon passing the procedure requirements, a welder is given a qualification record (WPQR) specific to the procedure weld variables.

  • Welder Procedure Specification/Performance Qualification Records (WPS/PQR)

    A Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is the formal written document describing welding procedures, which provides direction to the welder or welding operators for making sound and quality production welds as per the code requirements. The purpose of the document is to guide welders to the accepted procedures so that repeatable and trusted welding techniques are used. Performance Qualification Records (PQR) are collections of test cases used to verify that a system performs as expected under simulated real-world conditions. A WPS is supported by a Procedure Qualification Record.

  • ASME Certification (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

    The most commonly used codes for qualifying welders are the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section IX and American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1. Committees and subcommittees comprising volunteer workers interested in furthering the quality and efficiency of the welding industry work together to develop these codes.

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Our weld testing program is conducted by AWS certified instructors that are prepared to qualify you with repeatable and trusted welding techniques.

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