Visual Examination Testing

Visual testing (VT) inspections are some of the oldest and most basic non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection techniques, but are essential to ensure quality control and safe operations.

Inspector examining weld

Visual inspections are often the first technique that Precision utilizes at the outset of a project.

Visual inspections are a useful tool to gauge the scope of corrosion, cracking, leaking, and other damages, enabling Precision to more effectively plan what inspection and maintenance services are required. In additional to traditional visual testing, Precision also offers borescope and remote video testing services, which are video tools that can be used to visually inspect asset interiors and those in hard-to-access locations.

Visual inspections can be conducted on any assets that show visible forms of degradation, including:

  • Piping
  • Storage Tanks
  • Boilers
  • Vessels
  • Welds
Inspector examining pipe
Helmet hanging on tank

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By choosing us for dye penetrant inspection, we can offer you a fast reaction, round-the-clock testing and we can provide the inspection service that will ensure your products or equipment is fit for purpose and meets national and international standards in today’s highly regulated markets. 

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