Ultrasonic Shearwave Flaw Detection

Ultrasonic testing is a form of non-destructive testing that is typically used to detect volumetric flaws, material integrity and component thickness.

Inspector testing plate for composite structures

This common form of ultrasonic testing is used to carry out inspection on castings, forgings, welded components and composite structures in all industry sectors.

We use advanced ultrasonic equipment and can inspect our customers’ components and structures to industry codes, standards or customer specifications, ensuring that your components and structures meet the highest standards for safety and reliability. Our experienced ultrasonic inspectors are certified to the highest industry standards. They offer guidance in selecting the best testing method and regime as well as advice on applicable inspection techniques.

Ultrasonic testing can be performed on all types of materials and its applications include:

  • Flaw detection such as inclusions, cracks and porosity – particularly for small flaws or flaws situated deep within a part
  • Determining the thickness of test objects, particularly in erosion or corrosion monitoring
  • Assessment of bond integrity
Inspector testing welds
Helmet hanging on tank

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