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Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing is a non-destructive testing method that can detect surface and subsurface flaws in ferromagnetic materials.

Tool detecting flaws in weld

Magnetic particle testing can detect surface or near-surface flaws such as cracks, laps, seams and inclusions in ferromagnetic materials such as iron and steel. One of the main advantages of magnetic particle inspection is that it can give an immediate indication of defects and discontinuities.

Our Techniques

Our techniques for inspection include

  • Permanent magnetic
  • Coil/cable wrap technique
  • Yoke (AC/HWDC)
  • Prod technique
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Our Experience

Years of Experience

Precision’s skilled non-destructive testing personnel are Level 2 or 3 qualified PCN, ASNT and NAS410. We can provide the testing both on-site at our customers’ premises and in-house at our accredited laboratories.

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Our High Standard

National Standard Compliant

By partnering with Precision for the magnetic particle inspection of your products and equipment, we can ensure that you are compliant with the national and international standards in today’s highly regulated markets. Your company can also benefit from our fast reaction, round-the-clock testing.

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